Reviewing purchases from Lowes

I’m posting this on here because I don’t have faith that Lowes will keep this review online.

I recently bought a deck box, and after assembling it with ease, I thought, “I always gripe when I purchase something that is inferior…maybe I should offer thanks for purchasing a completely adequate product.

As a result, I went to and offered my review on my new deck box:


Yep…it’s a solid box.

I purchased this as a sturdy, waterproof box to keep stuff from being strewn about my yard. It’s for this reason that the qualities I’m supposed to rate above don’t go in-depth enough: features (it’s square), design (still square), ease of use (I’m able to lift up the lid and put stuff in it). I would give similar ratings if I purchased a ball with the intent of rolling it…it works just great, but my expectations also weren’t ridiculous.

I was a bit worried when I went to purchase it. Like any good shopper, I checked the worst reviews first to see what the REAL gripes were about. All said it was difficult to put together. A bit wary, as I was once banned from all tools during high school shop and brought home a birdhouse duct-taped together, I figured, “How tough can it be to put together a box?” and bought it. It wasn’t. I’ve put together sandwiches more complicated than that thing. It’s actually a pretty good litmus test by the manufacturer…if you can’t put it together, you shouldn’t own it because you’d likely fall into it, not be able to find your way out and perish in your poorly-assembled coffin.

This is an excellent box, very simple to put together, and its four sides, top and bottom work perfectly to store items and protect them from the elements. If you’re looking for something cube-like to hold your outdoor items, and you’re capable enough to read directions and assemble something equally as complex as a pizza (OHHH…dough, then sauce THEN toppings…OK), you won’t be disappointed.

Pros: Square. Cube-like. Stackable.

Cons: Can’t roll.

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